Corey’s Story

My twenties and thirties were devoted to being a wilderness tracker, vision quest guide and recovery counselor. I did not personally have a substance abuse problem, but relied on my success in overcoming other obstacles while being true and present for life. I loved leading people deep into the mountains and desert and was profoundly inspired by the courage and creativity of my students.

Early intimate relationships were filled with heartache and repeating poor patterns. I eventually found myself in a seven-year sexless marriage made difficult by lack of truth-telling and poor relationship skills in general.

I then made a deep study of intimacy and masculine-feminine dynamics with a life coach, numerous workshops and other programs in addition to being in extended love relationships with tantric practicioners. Eventually I became a Certified Tantra Educator and created communication and sacred sexuality workshops.

Some of my outstanding teachers: Bodhi Avinasha, David Deida, Baba Dez Nichols, Jim Benson, Kamaladevi McClure and Scott Catamas. The work of Marshall Rosenberg (Non-Violent Communication) and participation in the Human Awareness Institute ( deeply informs my life and work.

I’m a sundance singer as a member of the Native American Church and am an ordained ULC minister. The best thing is that I’m the father of two amazing sons!

corey pwr
Corey Lyon Folsom in rock temple