Coaching praise

Phone and Zoom allow most anyone to work with me. My amazing clients have been from Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Italy, France, Finland, England, Canada and all across the USA.

I appreciate your session notes and refer to them often. I’m very content that you are my coach. Thank you for your very present kindness. Hillary, New York (attorney)

I highly recommend Corey to any couple who is wanting more conscious communication in their relationship! Corey worked with us in an authentic, yet gentle and effective way. He helped bring awareness to our emotional processes when there was conflict in our marriage and taught us healthier ways to communicate our genuine feelings. From this space, we could be with and heal our own pain (rather than project onto the other person), then move forward from a place of love. Corey is also very generous with his time as he sent us notes from each session, which are still of great value. Thank you Corey for being such a positive light! We are grateful for you! Ann, San Jose, CA (entrepreneur)

I got in touch with Corey without really knowing what a relationship coach could do for me. His patience, interest, support and insight have been invaluable in helping me get back on track. I would highly recommend him for anyone struggling with any kind of relationship whether currently part of a couple or not. Janet, Ireland (physician)

If you are looking to develop yourself, Corey gives you the tools to empower you to become the best husband, father and a better person overall. Corey is easy to connect with, a great listener and has high integrity. Instead of telling you what you should do, he uses his skill sets to help find the best solution that matches your personal style. Ken, Texas (CEO)

You have been such a wonderful teacher, mediator, listener, and coach! You make us both feel heard and understood. You have helped us to understand each other more and to soften our angry hard shells. I’ve seen 4 therapists in my adult life and you have made the most difference. Your spiritual approach truly speaks to my intellect and heart. The tools you have given us have been so effective and valuable. Caroline, Los Angeles, CA (attorney)

My time with Corey was very worthwhile. He celebrated me as I went through a powerful journey and contacted the truth that lives inside me. The experience was great and the newer, stronger version of me is a big reward. Thank you!  Stephanie T, Los Angeles, CA (personal trainer)

Corey held sacred space just for me — allowing the real me to come through in its own time. Corey also gave me the experience of being with someone whose intention was only to honor me – something for which I am most grateful.  This was not familiar to me and indeed awakened the part of me that I so needed to welcome back into my life. Love and light, Chris, San Diego, CA

My life is forever changed for the better! When we first met I sensed his beautiful energy and internal calm. I am so comfortable with him. He created an atmosphere with clear boundaries. Corey masterfully guided me through my process, step by step. I’m happier and more open to the moment!  Mary-Margaret, Santa Cruz, CA (attorney)

My sessions with Corey were simply an amazing. He was right with me as I went through my process and he never wavered. My life is richer for the having touched a most beautiful part of me – the beloved that dwells within. Thank you Corey.  Adrianna Grace, Maui

Thank you Corey! In all my long life I have never felt so met. My challenges are great and with your patience and skill and compassion you’ve helped me more than anyone!  Pamela Wyzga, Santa Cruz, CA

Corey’s a man I can trust and rely on. The main ingredients to feeling open for me are that the man has clear boundaries and impeccable integrity. Corey has both and I would recommend him to anyone. He takes the time to listen and work in harmony with a woman’s pace. In gratitude and respect, Lindy James, Santa Cruz, CA (women’s empowerment educator)

I appreciate your caring and sincerity. Your kindness and respect was just what I needed. You have enriched my life. Thank you very much. Keiko, San Diego, CA

I hadn’t felt anything for a very long time and I was scared that I could never be happy. In my amazing session with Corey I discovered a “River of Joy” running through me! I am grateful for the knowing that healing lives inside me and I’m free to own my power of love with grace and ease.  In God’s love, Celeste, Santa Cruz, CA (musician)

Corey channels finer frequencies helping me feel expansion and a lighter state of being! He helps me to feel deeply into my inner being! I can’t wait for my next session! Elena Y, San Jose, CA (HR director)

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