You can have connection and intimacy

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“Corey’s patience, interest, support and insight have been invaluable in helping me get back on track. I would highly recommend him for anyone struggling with any kind of relationship whether currently part of a couple or not.” — Janet, Ireland

Just like a trainer for optimal results in the gym or your profession, coaching for your intimate life makes sense. I have a coach – as does Dwayne Johnson and Tony Robbins and every elite athlete. Coaching is no longer viewed as a luxury, but an essential part of professional and personal development.

Harmonious and loving intimacy is supported by learned skillsI will help you remove your blocks to love, access your resourcefulness and show up with confidence for the rich life that is yours to claim. Old patterns can be replaced with a powerful mindset that aligns with how you want to live and love. Masculine-feminine dynamics can be a source of appreciation and excitement once they are understood. Imagine going beyond current limitations and being really happy with the depth and texture of your intimate connections for the rest of your life!

Learn how to ask better questions in order to get better answers. Coaching focuses on results and is not meant to be long-term. Coaching is primarily via phone.

Go beyond longing and take inspired action!

“In all my long life I’ve never felt so met. My challenges are great and with your patience and skill and compassion you’ve helped me more than anyone!” Pamela, Santa Cruz
Common issues I help people with:
Self-empathy and self-care
Intimate communication with self and others
Understanding masculine / feminine dynamics
Dissolving relationship tension and thriving in partnership
Spiritual sexuality
Preparing to meet someone special
Dating & loving with new and skillful patterns
Becoming a master lover
Long-distance relationships
Alternative relationship navigation
Respectful relationship ending

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