In my twenties and thirties, I was an aboriginal skills instructor, tracker, vision quest leader and wilderness guide for newly sober people. I loved leading people deep into the mountains and desert and was inspired by the courage and creativity of my students.

My early intimate relationships were filled with heartache and poor patterns and I found myself in a sexless marriage. I eventually hired a love coach and dove into personal growth. I later became a Certified Tantra Educator and relationship coach.

The work of Marshall Rosenberg (Non-Violent Communication) informs my life and work.

I’m a Sun Dance singer and father of two sons.

My book, Soul Statements, is an Amazon bestseller in two categories ~ Communication & Meditation.

~ Coaching Praise for Corey Lyon Folsom ~

I highly recommend Corey to any couple who is wanting more conscious communication.
He helped bring awareness to our processes when there was conflict in
our marriage and taught us healthier ways to communicate feelings. We could
then move forward from a place of love. Corey was generous with his time as he
sent us notes from each session, which are still of great value.
” ~
Ann (entrepreneur)

Corey gave me tools to become a better husband, father and person. Corey is easy to connect with, a great listener and has high integrity. Instead of telling you what you should do, he helps you find the best solution that matches your personal style.” ~ Ken, Texas (CEO)

My time with Corey was very worthwhile. He celebrated me as I went through a powerful journey and contacted the truth that lives inside me. The experience was great and the newer, stronger version of me is a big reward.” ~ Stephanie (personal trainer)

I appreciate Corey’s caring and sincerity. His kindness and respect was just what I needed. Our experience enriched my life.” ~ Keiko, San Diego (teacher)