Declaration of Interdependence now on sale

Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace Medal

29 years after I wrote this Declaration of Interdependence it is FINALLY posted for sale ($1.99) at this website. (Click the SHOP button at the top of every page.) A percentage of every sale is automatically donated to carbon capture projects.

The original Declaration of Independence draft was penned by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. This bold and audacious document laid out a clear and cogent reasoning for separation from the mother country and galvanized many citizens to support the growing rebellion against the government of Great Britain.

The Declaration of Independence is a seminal and defining document of the USA. The day that my first son was born it occurred to me that the time for independence had run its course and that to declare our interdependence was long overdue. I sat down with Thomas Jefferson’s creation and retained much of his original word choices, phrasing and punctuation as I crafted a document for our current day.

The Declaration of Interdependence invites you to expand your definition of who we share this world with. I invite you to open your mind and heart to the concepts therein. May we all live with an expanded sense of shared destiny with all sentient beings.

Published by Corey Lyon Folsom

I coach people who want better results in life and love.