Meeting Your Beloved: A Pre-flight Checklist

man meditating on seaside

Before coming together with your beloved intimate partner, consider taking an extra moment to feel into your depths and get more centered. Feel your role in the relationship. This is a way to consciously connect with yourself in preparation for loving another. I created a ‘Pre-flight Checklist’ for my personal use that you might find value in.

Pre-flight Checklist

1) Body

• Well-rested

• Soft and relaxed belly

• Remember that truth lives in the body (not just the head)

2) Source

• Realize that the source of supply is within

• Feel my ‘enough-ness’

3) Stillness and Clarity

• Pause to gather energy and reflect on priorities. What are my desires?

• Brief solo meditation

• Feel my inner stability

4) Energy

• Know what I am bringing – have a plan

• Feel my energy. What action is congruent from this place?

• Check the careful, nice guy (guise) at the door

• Think: light adventure, smile and breathe into open-heartedness

5) Voice

• Speak truth to myself on the inside

• Go deep at transitions by speaking to what’s important in those moments

• When feeling ‘triggered’, feel into the truth of your soul

7) Light Heart

• Keep humor and perspective – laugh together

• Keep a sense of the union as sacrament

8) Appreciation

• Give insightful compliments

• Feel my impact upon this other person

• Re-orient to love. Speak to what our love means (without getting heavy about it)

• Touch her (praise and touch is food)

9) Willingness and Generosity

• Check in (ask for an emotional weather report from time to time)

• Consider this other as the most important person in the room

• Give love directly when they’re upset! (It’s not about pleasing, rather about opening to love together)

Published by Corey Lyon Folsom

I coach people who want better results in life and love.