Thomas Jefferson Indian Peace Medal

Declaration of Interdependence now on sale

29 years after I wrote this Declaration of Interdependence it is FINALLY posted for sale ($1.99) at this website. (Click the SHOP button at the top of every page.) A percentage of every sale is automatically donated to carbon capture projects. The original Declaration of Independence draft was penned by Thomas Jefferson in 1776. This … Continue reading Declaration of Interdependence now on sale

happy couple hugging

Love Your Woman

How do you express love to a woman once she decides to share her time with you? Would you say that you set a low or a high bar for yourself in intimate relationship? How deeply intimate are you? Are you allowing your heart to expand as it holds ever more love? A common statement … Continue reading Love Your Woman

man and woman staring at each other

Be With Her

How to be with your chosen woman when you’re attention has been drawn to another? Simply give her your presence. Just be with your woman when you’re with her. Really be with her. Show up for yourself and her when you’re together. She is ever-changing and a source of wonder if you choose the intimacy … Continue reading Be With Her

When I Notice Another Woman

After my article “When a Woman Turns a Man’s Head” the question was raised:  How do you be with your chosen woman’s feelings when you obviously notice another woman? My advice is to be really with your woman when you’re with her. Give her your 100% when you're together. Let her know how important she … Continue reading When I Notice Another Woman