How Deep Can You Glow?

crop faceless people clapping hands in room

Our energy doesn’t end at our skin. Most people are familiar with hands-on energetic touch as a healing modality and we expect to feel energy in our bodies during a massage session.

If we accept that energy is transmitted from our fingertips then it should be easy to realize that energy is transmitted by touch with other parts of our bodies as well.

When making love one can imagine and intend that your love reach your partner’s heart. You could imagine and invite your partner’s essence into your heart and beyond. I’m a fan of allowing one’s energy and awareness to grow big during intimate connection.

We can become conscious of more than our own physical sensations and include our partner’s body and emotional state in our awareness. Tune into your partner and sense what he/she/they are experiencing and explore what would delight them. Isn’t energy what transforms sex into lovemaking anyway?

Energy exchange takes place without conscious volition, but by adding intention it is more of a factor. Intentional energy adds a powerful dimension to making love. Many couples like to circulate their life force in a ‘micro-cosmic orbit’. This is accomplished as one person sends desire / love / power / energy and the other person breathes the energy in and pulls it up as light, sensation or intention up to their heart or to the crown (top) of their head. The energy and feeling is allowed to flow back to the first person’s heart or crown and they brings it down in the same fashion. Energy continues to be sent around this circle while building in intensity. This can happen with or without a lot of physical movement and even while fully clothed.

In Reiki we transmit healing energy out of our hands. Any energetic skill grows with practice, but it can be simply visualizing your love reaching another’s heart. Just as you would visualize healing light extending from your fingers, the same can be done with any part of you that contains energy. In this way, you may allow your consciousness to expand and merge with a lover.

Spending time in a solo practice before meeting your lover is helpful. Connect with the energy source deep within you. Prepare yourself to touch your lover’s body while transmitting love and light. Feel deeply of yourself and your personal power. Feel the truth of who and what you are. This is what you’re bringing forth with your presence and your breath. This is what you’ll enter your partner with. Maintain your own sense of power and alignment in your body as the shared experience unfolds.

Remember that your partner wants to feel your essence and love in their body. They want to feel your consciousness and be penetrated physically, emotionally and spiritually. So keep asking yourself, “How deep can I glow?”

Published by Corey Lyon Folsom

I coach people who want better results in life and love.