Turn a Hug into a Magic Embrace

Who doesn’t love sharing a hug with an intimate partner? A loving hug can bring you both more in tune simply by placing your bodies together. Ideally, all your hugs feel energetically-clean with no sense of obligation to do more. You may just allow the loving touch to be a renewing contact and, of course, with energetic harmony a move to greater intimacy can be welcome and fun.

Tips for a Magic Embrace

Take your partner into your arms.

Relax and feel at home in your own space.

Breathe naturally and easily.

Tune in to who you are in this moment.

A hug will often shift both of you into a beautiful state as your bodies rest together in a centered way. However, it is easy to energetically “over-give” or to invade a partner’s energetic space without realizing it. Remaining grounded and not ‘grasping for more’ provides the other person an invitation for their authentic impulse.

You must first be connected with yourself in order to be really present for a partner. It is steady presence that a partner usually desires most. Share the space between you rather than occupying it all. Over-merging with another reduces erotic charge. You don’t want to surround yourself with a thick emotional wall at one extreme, but ‘giving all of you’ while holding nothing back is also less appealing. You give the best of you when resting in your heart and allowing a higher love to shine through.

Releasing attachments is a helpful practice to honor each person’s sovereign space.

To do this, simply gaze in each other’s eyes as you declare:

I honor you

I bless you

I release you

In Sacred Sexuality we talk about ‘conscious touch’. Touching with consciousness is to join heightened attention to your touch and being aware of the impact and effect on your chosen intimate. Touching with conscious presence and a sensitivity for your partner will feel like a sweet gift by the receiver.

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