Stop Resisting and Embrace What You Fear

It was a hot day in the Pine Barrens and a fast-moving, spring-fed creek formed a deep pool near where our group rested. The crystal-clear water was tantalizing, but the chilly water temperature was daunting. No one was getting into the water, but I made a decision to get to know cold even though I was afraid of it. I took a deep breath, slid in and let my body sink to the sandy bottom. It was quiet and still and so very cold. I gave in and let the cold absorb into me. The cold and I became as one. I couldn’t be hurt by what was now me. I knew cold from a different perspective and saw that it only caused pain when I resisted it.

Years later I sat at the edge of Blue Lake (10,700 feet above sea level). This lake was created by snowmelt seeping from under an adjacent rock slope. The high cliff band of the mountain summit loomed far above. As I sat, I became willing to commit my life in service to a Higher Power by a ceremony of self-baptism. The water was terribly, un-feelingly cold. I remembered that creek years ago in the Pine Barrens and chose to enter the near-freezing water. The water was bracing, but I knew not to resist. As the cold enveloped me I felt imbued with its impassive strength. I can feel that strength even now as I write.

Trust the wisdom that created you. What if all is forgiven and standing for honor, integrity and serving a greater good is an important enough achievement? When you connect to who and what you are, you live in congruence with your nature, which takes ongoing discipline and heart. Your job is simply to stop resisting and plug in. (An unplugged lamp is just a coat rack.)

Published by Corey Lyon Folsom

I coach people who want better results in life and love.