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After almost 5 years of work, I’m elated that Soul Statements – A Love Coach’s Guide To Successful Communication, has been released to the world!

My coaching clients were finding great benefit from a bunch of tools, including giving themselves better thoughts when, before, they would have let a critical voice have center stage. I called it a Soul Statement since it was profoundly anchoring them to who and what they really were and were capable of. It was helping them super-charge the potency they felt within to upgrade their experience.

This practice of reminding themself who they really are was so universally helpful that I decided to write about it. I included more coaching tools as well as examples from my own journey and the result is, Soul Statements. My goal was to make this a book worth reading & sharing. It offers simple methods for making small shifts that produce outsized benefits in love and life and is chock full of actionable takeaways.

A Soul Statement is a present-time reminder of what is true and good about yourself. It’s a way to counter unhelpful thinking and claim a more grounded state. A Soul Statement is a way to access your inner wisdom and calibrate your thoughts with what your soul knows.

Old stories got us here. New stories will get us to where we want to be. Soul Statements are a way to unlock power, joy and certainty. You can access your truth anytime you wish and balance the momentum of the world with inner stillness. You just have to stop listening to the noise of everything else. By remembering that you are (beneath circumstance or worry), you can speak from your value & values.

The difference between a Soul Statement and an affirmation is that an affirmation is a declaration to help one emotionally inhabit a desired experience. Even though stated in present tense, it is affirming what you wish to become or feel. With a Soul Statement, you’re not attempting to trick your brain. You just giving yourself a reminder of what is already true. Your cells should vibrate with “yes!” when they hear you say it. A Soul Statement is a tool to grab hold of what is unchanging about you so you can act in greater alignment with the best version of you.

Soul Statement examples:

The Real Me is enough.

There is strength in my center.

I have a certainty that is deeper than my thoughts.

I can trust my deep knowing to guide me.

My heart is loving and strong.

What we tell ourselves on the inside matters. You can learn to call up the best part of you in a moment. Soul Statements can give you access to an internal sanctuary, self-assurance and a more intimate relationship with yourself. This internal intimacy allows you to act from a deeper, informed place.

The next right action is obvious when you’re deeply connected to yourself and certain of your value and what you value. Learning to speak as informed by deeper knowing can help re-orient a conversation or an entire relationship.

If you like the book (I fully expect that you’ll love it), kindly write a brief review on Amazon. A timely review (ideally with a photo of the book included) is gold for a new author like me!

Post a photo of the book to Facebook or Insta (and tag me). I’d be thrilled to see where this book goes and know a bit of how it touches you.

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