Journaling Sustains Intimacy With Self

Journaling helps sustain intimacy with self. Journaling can tap into a source of spirit water that bubbles up from the well of mystery that you are. Journaling is a powerful tool to uncover one’s honest motivations, fears and values. What might be uncovered if you journaled as a consistent, daily practice? Simply journaling random thoughts or your dreams is a fine place to begin. You may also choose a power question and journal what comes up as a way of answering it. Btw, questions are magnets for solutions.

Personal Journaling Exercise

Where do I give attention to things that don’t serve my values or personal vision?

Where are my actions congruent with my values and vision?

Where are my actions not congruent with my values and vision?

This is part of a series of excerpts from my forthcoming book.

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