Penetrate The Moment

Penetrating the moment is a choice. One penetrates the moment by softening their mind and heart. With softness, comes easier acceptance of what is occurring in real time. Softness and acceptance becomes more natural with practice. The goal is not to ‘fix’ any given interaction. It’s about living in an alive, embodied present. This is part of how you keep the real you once you find him or her. Come home to yourself and your outer relationships will reflect the more potent you.

You can watch your energy circle the proverbial drain when focusing on what’s wrong. You can also apply tools to lift yourself out of an old story and bring attention to what is right. You can choose to connect to your soul and body wisdom in a moment. A potent state is always available. Integrated clarity calls up the best version of you. Remember, your body communicates truth in present time.

The big question is whether you will step up and claim yourself in any given moment. Make a commitment to your own sovereignty. Being sourced from within serves you and everyone that you interact with. Be more of an emotional ‘container’ rather than sharing chatter in an attempt to find external connection.

A great gift to give others is a peaceful mind that comes from knowing yourself in still moments. The Sanskrit word, Shanti, translates as ‘peace’. This specifically refers to The Peace That Comes From Knowing Who You Are. All external experience is a mirror. You can feel or fold. You can spin or find solution. You can go to shame or freedom. You can claim the deep within. Every lesson is ultimately a lesson in self-forgiveness. Forgiveness for what you tolerated when you forgot your true nature and forgiveness for poor reactions. Every difficulty is a lesson in becoming who and what you are capable of.

Published by Corey Lyon Folsom

I coach people who want better results in life and love.